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"A cats life" is time management game where you play as a single father spending the night in your single room apartment trying to not wake up the baby.
Your walls are thin, neighbors are noisy (and their music choices truly questionable), cat - annoying. Conditions are truly harsh. Will you be able to make it and prove you're a good father? Play and find out.

Mouse controls.

The objective of the game is to keep the baby asleep for as long as possible. Knock on the walls to let Your neighbors know their music is too loud. Don't have to much hope though, once enough time has passed they will try to play their favorite song again. Such is the life at russian commute (or anywhere else for that matter).

The baby wakes up once it's annoyance bar reaches maximum point. You can reduce annoyance by dragging the father to the baby to calm him down.

Keep the cat's bowl full, or else it might wake up the baby too. Easter egg: a cat can turn from annoyance into a helpful little companion :)

You get 1 point every second you survive. When you're sleeping the score grows 2 times as fast, when sitting on a sofa - 1.5.


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